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How To Earn From Adsterra Direct Link | $500 Daily | High CPM (Self-click Method)

Published November 26, 2022
How To Earn From Adsterra Direct Link | $500 Daily | High CPM (Self-click Method)

Do you know you can make hundreds of dollars online from Adsterra simply by following this procedure?  

So in this article, I'm going to show you how you can be able to start making money with Adsterra. If you are curious to know how this is possible, I kindly advise you to keep reading till the end of this article. I'm going to show you what has worked out for me so you can follow the same process and make more money.  Kindly read between the lines, because if you skip any line, you might skip the important part of this article and you might end up not making money from this. Whatever strategy I'm going to show you right here in this article are the things that have worked out for me. I always try out things first and if they work out for me without any issues, then I publish them on this website so that everybody can do the same thing and make money. 

Right now I'm going to simply show you what I did to make money from Adsterra. I don't want this article to be a long one. I just want to go straight to the point and teach you what you have to do to start earning too.

Step 1: Go to and create a developer account.

After signing up, wait for your account to be approved. Once that is done, go to the next step.

Step 2: Go to the 'direct link' tab as shown in the image below and create a new direct link. Wait for approval.

Once it's approved, copy the link as shown in the image below. 

Step 3: go to or and shorten the link. 

Final Step: Go to and paste your shortened link. Duplicate it in the number of places you wish just like in the image below.

You can withdraw your earnings through any payment method of your choice. Adsterra has different payment methods as you can see in the image below. 

Happy Earning! 

Note: This method is illegal and not a guaranteed way to make money. I will advise you to add the link to your website or blog if you have any.

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